High-speed laser cutting machine (two times speed of the conventional models) is enabled as the following features:

  • Installation of new high-power laser oscillator
  • Increase in laser beam shutter speed
  • Enhancement of CNC functions
  • Increase in piercing speed

The processing efficiency is improved

The LC-α II laser machine is of the table type that allows loading and unloading to be performed by one operator. The free bearings arranged in front of the table prove helpful in this respect.

LC-ALPHA II laser cutting machine with reposition function

Reposition function

The reposition function allows work of larger size than the axis travel range of the machine to be processed.

Work chuter
Large work chuter of the ALPHA II Laser machine

Large work chuter

The cover of the chute vertically moves down by 20 mm just before it opens so as to prevent incorrect dropping of part. To prevent the part form being jammed midway the cover of the work chute automatically opens again.

AMADA laser machine ALPHA II - automatic work positioning

Automatic work positioning

The Iocate pins allow the machine origin to automatically coincide with the work end point (origin) and the program origin.

NC unit of the AMADA laser cutting machine ALPHA II

The NC unit

The NC unit is the latest 32-bit configuration fully equipped with high speed and high-accuracy processing functions like advanced profie control

Look ahead control

The slight error between each command and its corresponding machine position is calculated and compensated for beforehand thereby Increasing the processing speed and improving the roundness of holes cut.

Laser machine calculation and compensation

Cutting condition file (standard function)

While the machine is working the current cutting conditions can be simply changed in real time once specified the cutting conditions are stored in the NC unit so that the cutting condition files are completed for eachmachine.

The cutting conditions can be registered by work material and thickness for a maximum of 90 materials. This display constantly shows the cutting conditions for the work being processed.

Laser machine cutting conditions gistered by material and thickness
Laser machine cutting conditions for the work being processed


NC Cutting Roller

This newly designed table is equpped with an NC roller. Tuned to the motion of the workpeces. This allows the manufacturing of beautifully finished pieces from stainless steel, aluminimum or even surface treated steel without any scratching of the back of the product.

High-Speed Sensor HS-95

Twice as fast as past performance, the gap between nozzle and work piece is held constant at all time.

NC focusing system

The machine automatically sets a different focal point depending on differences in the material its thickness and the cutting process in question

Carbon Steel / Oxygen cut
Carbon Steel / Oxygen cut
Aluminum / Air cut
Aluminum / Air cut
Thick carbon Steel / Oxygen cut
Thick carbon Steel / Oxygen cut
Stainless steel / clean cut
Stainless steel / clean cut

NC Gas pressure control

The NC machine offers programmed control of gas pressure depending on differences in the material, its thickness, and the Cutting process in question.

Carbon Steel / Low pressure
Carbon Steel / Low pressure
Aluminum / High pressure
Aluminum / High pressure
Thick Carbon Steel / Medium pressure
Thick Carbon Steel / Medium pressure
Stainless steel / High pressure
Stainless steel / High pressure