Laser cutting machine - FLC-3015 AJ

New standards in speed and precision in the top of the mid-range segment

With the FLC-3015 AJ AMADA presents a new, versatile, highly efficient laser cutting machine with a 2 kW fiber laser. This machine allows thin sheets and difficult-to-cut materials such as copper, aluminum or titanium to be machined quickly, reliably and precisely.
The use of the AJ fiber laser, which has an output power of 2,000 Watts, permits exceptionally high machining speeds while simultaneously achieving high-precision results. 

Thin sheets and difficult-to-cut materials such as copper, aluminum or titanium can be machined quickly, reliably and precisely. Considerably shortened manufacturing times coupled with the fiber laser’s excellent energy consumption figures ensure considerable cost savings while also preserving resources. In combination with high-performance control technology, the highly dynamic, wear-free and practically maintenance-free 3-axis linear drive guarantees both outstanding cutting accuracy and optimum product quality.

Modern, sturdy construction for top results

High-precision linear measuring scales installed in a closed control circuit ensure optimum dimensional accuracy at maximum operating speed. The FLC-3015 AJ has a working area of 3,000 mm × 1,500 mm. The table is able to accept sheets of a weight of up to 920 kg. The machine has a unique cast frame whose structure and low center of gravity mean that there is no need for any special machine base. Even at top machining speeds, the distortion-resistant, low-vibration cast machine bed guarantees that manufacturing operations are conducted under optimum conditions. The FLC-3015 AJ is an extremely versatile machine which, when coupled with the appropriate automation technology, can perform complex tasks for long periods of time without the need for manual intervention.

Flexible arrangement of machine components coupled with ease of use

Another advantage of the AMADA FLC-3015 AJ lies in its layout which can be individually adapted to meet the needs of different users and permits flexible arrangement of the machine components. As a result, the machine is compact, always provides optimum access and permits the shortest possible travel paths even during multi-machine operation. The use of the proven AMNC-PC control unit guarantees a high level of safety and ergonomic efficiency thanks to its great ease of operation.