Concurrent loading and unloading steps increase producivity

The AS III L or AS III MP material storage rack can only be used in conjunction with the PR III (PR III UL) unloading and sorting unit.

The material storage rack provides safe and reliable storage for raw material, residual scrap or production parts in micro corners alike, and is easily accessible to integrate these. Furthermore, a safety screen permits the rack to be loaded and unloaded while the machine is in operation. This extends the uninterrupted production run time, as well as the concurrent loading and unloading steps with independent units and the high pallet capacities. The rack can accept as many as nine pallets with a load capacity of 3,000 kg each.

AS III Material tower
AS III Material tower
AS III Material tower
AS III Material tower

The material rack provides for trouble-free handling of a variety of materials, such as normal steel, aluminum, stainless steel or plastics. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with suction grippers that ensure reliable and careful loading of the material. Optional software is available that can be used to process the production lists for various manufacturing orders.

The compact design only requires a minimal footprint. The material rack can also be subsequently integrated into an existing machine, therefore adhering to the AMADA automation concept.


  • Increased productivity
  • Time saving
  • Minimized machine downtime
  • Supports multi-machine operation
  • Reliable storage and handling